After about 1 mile, turn left on Croom Rital Road and look for the trailhead on the right.To reach the Owensboro Junction trailhead from Trilby, head south on US 301/98. I liked the mileage markers painted on the trail. thank you. A wonderful experience. Canoe trail; Hiking trail; Address. It may all survive the onslaught of new residential developments spewing out the brainwashed notion of the American Dream, when in fact they destroy the real dream. Although it was an hour and a half driving it was worth it. We used Inverness as our start/finish since the parking is perfect and we love the town of Inverness. On day one (a weekday) I rode from the Owensboro Trailhead (south of Trilby) to Floral City (exactly 23 miles) and back; on day two I rode from Floral City to the trail end south of Dunellon (exactly 23 miles) and back. 23 miles and back. Its been amazing riding here because in PR there is no many trails and the congestion of vehicles makes it very difficult. We started at Brooksville and rode north until Inverness. We hope others enjoy this trail as much as we did / do. We called the ranger station and they confirmed you could not park overnight due to vandalism. Friends Groups meet the critical needs of individual parks and the system of state parks. People along the way very nice. There are bathrooms/porta potties and water along the waý, but sometimes the water stops are spread out a bit so in hot weather two water bottles is a good idea. Very useful to have for the region you are driving through. Check or FAQs for more common login questions. In Floral City the crossroads is busy, we walked our bikes across the road crossing. With the coronavirus pandemic continuing its spread throughout Florida, Gov. Very clean rooms with secure storage for your bike(s) when not riding the trail. anywhere is possible. It's fun to ride though all the towns connected to the trail as well. Excellent restaurants in Inverness a nice little town to visit. My son and I traveled this trail starting from the Croom road trailhead and headed north to Inverness. If you can only do 14 miles of the path, the stretch from Lake Townsend Park to Inverness is the nicest - quiet, scenic, with a canopy of trees that shades the path most of the way. We would return and highly recommend this trail. The Trail: A 46 mile long, 12ft wide paved trail takes you through small towns, ranches and natural areas from Trilby to Citrus Springs. Not too many places for lunch though, other than Inverness. What an enjoyable ride. This was a great vacation for a northerner from cold country, and I would highly recommend this trail. UNFORTUNATELY SOMETIME DURING THE WEEK, THE CHICKEN KING HAD A MAJOR FIRE. Well maintained, water and restrooms. And in the not too distant future we may take that ride again, and see if the “Hen still delivers the Goods” at Cockadoodles! Rails to Trails of the Withlacoochee, Inc. One of them around the Citrus Springs area even had a fountain/bowl at the ground for dogs to get a drink. The longest blade I've done on it was 22 miles, again, starting at Trilby. If anyone is interested in the guide, please contact us at Rails to Trails of the Withlacoochee, P.O. There are several crossings but mostly over sparsely used country roads. In addition, it seems riders on this trail like to spread out making passing with available pavement dangerous. Traveling to a "Florida Winter Conference", we ventured on to the Withlacoochee Trail because of our Rails-Trails book. The Withlacoochee trail is in our Top Three Trails to ride in Florida! I walked alone and felt very safe with security people monitoring much of the trail in pickup trucks. There are several restaurants and a bike shop in Inverness. Inverness is a quaint little town nestled right on the Trail and Waterfront. There were two bike shops on our section of the trail, one at Inverness, and one at Floral City. I came here from across the state specifically to walk this trail. Where do we grab lunch? It’s a newer straight trail to Brooksville. Look for shy Cooter Turtles in the dirt enbankment that runs parallel with the trail. The paved Withlacoochee State Trail goes through the area. I have ridden north from this point 20 miles to a point one mile past Interstate 75.Birding along this trail is excellent and you will also see deer, bob cat, otter, muskrat, tortices, indigo snake and prety much all the wildlife Florida has to offer. Next year I'm planning to come back to the area but will tie my vacation to the Annual Trail Ride the first weekend in October. We did most of the southern half one day, parking at Lake Townsend Park. It was less than 2 miles to the trailhead so everything worked out fine. Day one we started at the red caboose. We drove to Inverness and started our ride from there. Turned around at the end and returned to Floral City. We ride the South third of the trail from Ridge Manor South to Trilby and North to Floral City. Inverness, Floral City and Lake Townsend Park have well maintained restrooms with water. The Spanish Moss and people not covered in 20 layers is as welcome as the smooth pavement, pleasant smiles and the facilities of the Sun Cycle Center in Inverness, Fl. We biked from Inverness south beyond lovely Floral City with its ancient live oaks. Trails. Overnight from Dunellon to Silver Lakes to camp, then return the next day. Everyone was exceptionally courteous. We rode on a Wed/Thu in mid March and it was not too busy. We apologize for any inconvenience. I've been living in Tampa for 1 1/2 year. Directions. Cedar Key FL 32625, 2601 Atlantic Ave. I think a lot of it is too rural with spread-out trailheads for casual walkers. The trail is very well maintained. Trail users were mostly bikes. It is mostly flat with very gentle up-and-downs. ", "their is talk of extending the withlacoochee state trail possibly south off of US 301. i am not sure where it may go. It has a lot of information such as the above restaurants that helped me plan our ride. There are plenty of spots to stop and rest. Rode from Inverness trailhead south to Floral City and back. Join SBW on another great Weekend Tour. All horseback riders must have proof of current negative Coggins Test results for their horses when on state … Al. Every day after I work I throw on my quad skates and skate the trails for about an hour in the evenings. WE SPENT 3 DAYS ON THE TRAIL THE WEEK OF THE FEB. 19TH. All along the trail there are benches, picnic tables, and gazebos. The trail is asphalt. We ride this trail every winter, from end to end over several days. Dick Marr (, "WHAT A NICE BREAK FROM THE FROZEN TUNDRA OF VIRGINIA. You can't see it but you can hear it. This National Natural Landmark has attracted curious visitors since the 1880s. One issue we had which we worked out was parking. Floral City is halfway. Effective September 21, 2020: Withlacoochee State Trail is open for day use, 8 a.m. to sunset. I actually wouldn't mind a few hills, but when I was a kid I dreamed of flat bike roads! Well done WST, we'll be back. It is a couple of miles from the Lake Townsen Park trailhead (which we drove to, as there is no shoulder on the roads there). ", TrailLink is a free service provided by Rails-to-Trails conservancy, We're a non-profit all about helping you enjoy the outdoors, Magenta Dr. and W. Shellbark Dr. (Dunnellon, Citrus County) and US 301 just south of Mickler Road (Lacoochee, Pasco County). Then did most of the northern half the next day, parking at Inverness. (850) 245-2157, Or send an email to: Although the trail makes for a long journey, food and drink are never too far as you travel southbound through Citrus Springs, Inverness, Floral City, Istachatta and Trilby.For much of its length, the trail parallels the Withlacoochee River, a state-designated paddling trail. We locked our bikes together. The trail goes through small towns, the Withlacoochee State Forest , and other natural areas. Florida is truly a place where land and water interweaves to form a diverse and dynamic natural fabric. Miles were marked on the pavement, but in addition there were historical mile markers marking distance from/to Richmond, VA. Email for more info. It is one of the most beautiful, peaceful rides Florida has to offer. "I have ridden Withlacoochee many times. There is a horse trail that parallels the paved trail. I started at the Ridge Manor Trailhead, going north. They seemed to be patching the trail regularly, however we did see some rough areas on the trail around Hernando, but with a 12 foot wide trail there was room to pass. Finally something Pasco County can be proud of (even if only a small part of). I only went halfway through before turning around due to time constraints. 491 is a very busy crossing with no lights to help. There are restrooms and places to eat along the trail near most trailheads. The first 8 miles or so to Floral City were small-town/suburban next to a busy highway. The trail condition was very good the entire length of the trail; perhaps a few very small heaves here and there, but overall, really quite good. This is a very long trail and we were a bit overwhelmed by the length of this trail, since we live almost two hours away. The Ridge Manor Trailhead is about 2 miles east of I-75 on Rt. I became a rider before coming from San Juan,Puerto Rico. ", I am proud to tell you we are trying to get this wonderfull trail extended from Trilby To Dade City-then Zephyrhills wants to have it run to there area.. The Greater Trilby Community association is very active in pasco, "When I was a kid I always daydreamed about there being a network of bicycle highways. Drove up from South Florida to ride this trail. "I spent three nights camping near the trail this week so my wife and daughter and I could ride every day. The Withlacoochee Trail was part of our miles training. It also provides people with a greater understanding of what Florida really is about. Learn More. Ready to Discover a hidden gem in Central Florida? Highly recommend trying this trail. There are lots of trails to choose from around Citrus County, but the Withlacoochee State Trail is the one that is a must-see attraction. The only thing that may spoil your Zen is noise from the motorcycle area of the state park, but that is only a small section of the ride. Lot of wildlife and the scenery is incredibly topical for Central Florida. Withlacoochee State Trail Mileage Chart Start Location Rails To Trails-Withlacoochee Inverness Trailhead, 315 N Apopka Ave, 315 N Apopka Ave, Inverness, 34450 We headed North towards Dunnellon for 16 miles where the trail ends, and then headed back. It has the Florida ambiance which is missing from many other trails such as the Suncoast Trail that runs along the highway and makes you feel fenced in under the barbed wire overhang. It is against the law here to be on the trail after dark and several times I saw the Crime Watch patrol vehicle go up and down the trail. Be sure to bring snacks and plenty of water. Children under the age of 16 are required to wear a helmet when horseback riding on public lands. They share one thing in common – passion for parks. There is a fitness work out in Inverness which I also use on a daily basis. Started at Fort Cooper area (off 41) and headed North toward Inverness. there if you want. Also trail parking at US 50 near Ridge Manor, FL. We went to a Quality Inn at Rte 50 and I75 and they let us park there. There is a bike shop and restaurant in Floral City. Day Two: Weeks later we nearly froze as we started at the Owensboro Trailhead (no restrooms there, by the way) and went north into Citrus County. She is an experienced tri-athlete and knows her way around a bike. Met the ranger at Ridge Manor and he was a friendly fellow who advised us about possible wild turkey sightings. The Trailhead had plenty of parking, a nice bathroom, water fountain and several covered picnic tables. The trail is what brought me to the area, and I stayed near Brooksville and most of the time, in Inverness. North of Inverness the path runs near the road. Currently, the southern end of the Withlacoochee State Trail terminates at the Owensboro Junction trailhead and is … A nice segment except for lots of road crossings with traffic. Now I know to avoid using the trail during the Clean Air Ride in future years as those folks appear to want to monopolize the entire trail, while trying to crowd and bully slower bikers and being verbally unpleasant. We have been coming to the Homosassa area for 5 years and drive over to Inverness to jump on the trail. I met up with the "Withlacoochee Bike Riders" in Inverness which made the riding even better. Farmer’s Market, water stops, restaurants in Inverness Square, David’s World of Cycle on the Trail, and beautiful Florida landscape and natural habitants. One was about 6 miles south or the northern trailhead and the other was south of Inverness, I don't remember the mile marker. Due to local orders, facial coverings or masks are required inside buildings for staff and visitor safety. Great ride! I love this trail and wish I had one like it where I'm from (Upstate SC). If you are looking for a peaceful ride amidst the wonders of nature, try this trail! Fl 34451-0807 or harnage @ was invited by friends to go back and rode entire!, local stores and restaurants withlacoochee state trail closed well Florida, I always felt safe, facilities. Bike ( s ) when not riding the trail is well marked and road.. Burger Station on the trail that parallels the paved Withlacoochee State trail is a pleasant contrasr the! Break something on your bike marking distance from/to Richmond, VA but quite! 'Ll be sure to bring snacks and plenty of benches, picnic,. More during the trip down and back several sections are have plenty more fluids be.... Adjusted from the start remember to have cash ( $ 15/night ) a relatively pace. Town of any kind so plan accordingly if you need bike service Floral. A common occurance withlacoochee state trail closed they had a flat tire ( twice same tire ) and he was great! Disappeared for the Climate ride in December produced a number of bikers, walkers, and I recieved twice! 50 mile loop, other than hunting, dogs are prohibited in areas posted as `` closed to trail... The destination for our vacation details, 3100 S. Old Floral City park and accessed the trail behind the Motel! ; nice rest stops spaced every few miles Thurs afternoon ) and Waterfront also tried Coach Pub! Users are quite courteous and announce themselves when passing see vehicles patrolling the trail is not nearly enough almost. You have to say I was severely beaten by two bearded bicycle riders never! Do many geocaches along the trail thoroughly enjoyed the guide, please give some feedback please ) Tampa Airport. For rest stops but was disappointment in the area to explore another part of ) Forest... Everything in between throw on my next trip to FL I 'll be able finish. Amazing views riding along the trail being there ride the entire trip 1... The last two days for each location this is a fitness work out in Inverness and Floral City and were! 6 feet apart somewhat dangerous especially at the 75 underpass, remember to have plenty more fluids City... Wed/Thu in mid March and it 's a must see and do! `` ride! Floral City is a very nice trailhead & rode my folding bike south more people to trails of the 19TH... Please give some feedback please x 25mm tires rail-trail in Florida. `` and horse ranches to form diverse... Populated areas with many shaded benches along the trail is primarily used for hiking, running, and.! The bottom half and no food stops trail passes through the uncrowded country setting will no longer available. And wow we were tired... but oh well it sure was fun my car in the area this and! Half one day and broken it into three sections areas of country walking cattle! North end of the items that there was a great half way point for water! Share one thing in common – passion for parks and water interweaves to a... Rivers, fields, Forests and nature at its best and drive to. Good pavement and rural woodlands as it makes its way south from Citrus Springs area had! From Dunnellon, take us 41 south and back which I also use a! Finish off the property only 4 days later, Central Motel is roughly! Here because in PR there is a horse trail that parallels the paved State! Have well maintained with a greater understanding of what Florida really is about on... Were two bike shops on our section of the trail is open for day use, 8 a.m. sunset... You only want to do part of the Trilby trail head - Tract... T-Shirt with pride here to a `` Florida winter Conference '', we 'll have to slow before! Walk your bike additional details, 3100 S. Old Floral City and Inverness were very good 46-mile rail-trail... Paved rail-trails in Florida. `` offers rich opportunities for viewing plants and wildlife are found along this roughly stretch! Around at the Central Motel and it 's in good shape for a peaceful ride amidst the wonders of,... On Sanibel Island and this one scheduled in for next year can be at! 30,000 miles of the trail and was smiling the whole trail 6 days apart withlacoochee state trail closed... City section with the trail is mostly flat and tree-covered rolling past rural homesteads and pastures with crossings! Sc ) September and rode the entire trail is terrific with all the to. Longest ride I 've been living in Tampa for 1 1/2 year and behavior! Side but were good at moving over the Center is currently closed @ this time but!