I have found students are more motivated to complete the questions when they are on a half sheet of paper. 42min. Bill Gates was driven by numbers, equations, and even … American Genius es la serie de National Geographic en la que se habla de los grandes emprendedores de Estados Unidos. From Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates to the Wright Brothers vs. Glen Curtiss, American Genius explores the rivalries, delving into the fierce power struggles, deceit, fluke timing and raw ambition out of which innovation was born. 194.5M . I’m not here to make a statement either way, but usually there’s some ground in between pure opinion and justifiable discussions about user interface and experience. 2012: Steve Jobs: Genius by Design a biographical graphic work by Jason Quinn (published by Campfire Graphic Novels) Films Documentaries. This has felt true especially during COVID-19 where many people have lost their social outlets, networking opportunities, and have not been able to get together in person. We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously! We are tight.”, “If you love your job and you love your boss then I think it is ok. But imagine how frustrating it might be to have a first page riddled primarily with ads, effectively choking out other results. Spaces can also be reported. Learn more about underwritten and sponsored content on GeekWire. Do you even know her phone number?”. Clubhouse does appear to be hugely popular in Silicon Valley – and it has the investment capital to show it – so maybe there’s something to this audio-only chat thing. Let us know. Twitter branches out into voice chat – what could go wrong? 2. ... Jobs vs. Gates. Distribute the three readings—Wright and Curtiss, Jobs and Gates, and Edison and Tesla—and the Spotlight On Innovations worksheet to each pair or group. We can all be forgiven for skepticism when it comes to Twitter’s aim to keep Audio Spaces safe(ish). by Molly Brown on May 28, 2015 at 9:01 amMay 28, 2015 at 10:25 am, Geek Life: Fun stories, memes, rants, humor and other random items at the intersection of tech, science, business and pop culture. It allows you to keep your personal network in one place as well as your photos, significant dates, your career changes, events, and even see what your cousins are up to. Who better to help craft community guidelines? Amongst some doubt of new or potential users in the mid-2000s after Facebook opened up to those outside of universities, we have to admit that Facebook has had a longevity that some of the other platforms have not. Generally, we like being in control of our lives, and the ability to exercise that authority resonates deeply. ”, “I have been Facebook friends with previous bosses while they were my boss. Should you host a virtual office holiday party this year? Steve was a genius at design and picking people and marketing," Gates … It makes sense though – when hot new programs come out and “everybody’s doing it” (thinking of you MySpace and Plaxo), it’s easy to create a user profile to see what you think of the platform. Corporate-franchise relationships: How has COVID affected them? Two brilliant minds, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, do battle and, in the process, revolutionize lives. Tara Steele is the News Director at The American Genius, covering entrepreneur, real estate, technology news and everything in between. Relive Gates and Jobs’ heated battle to bring the personal computer to the masses. Have a scoop that you'd like GeekWire to cover? "Elon's more of a hands-on engineer. ... Jobs vs. Gates. The new Facebook layout is bad. So it’s going to be a surprise for all of us. American Genius is an American documentary series focusing on the lives of inventors and pioneers who have been responsible for major developments in their areas of expertise and helped shape the course of history. Here’s what we know about the private beta version, according to Wong: Users create a chat room and can control who is admitted to the group, whether it’s the public, followers, or followees. I find it most interesting that they were born so closely. ... Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates / Apple vs… It is designed to cut in half and be double-sided. One thing that’s not clear: The actual name. How to volunteer and give back safely this holiday season, Why robots freak us out, and what it means for the future of AI. We are constantly innovating and testing, and will continue to adapt as we learn.” Despite worldwide complaints, Twitter has not officially acknowledged this situation as problematic. Twitter’s announcements have been calling it Audio Spaces, but the product’s handle is @TwitterSpaces. Su primer capítulo será de Jobs VS Gates. Interestingly, Twitter is starting its test by inviting users who are often targets: Women and people from marginalized groups. The eight-part docudrama, American Genius, reveals the competitive forces behind history s most remarkable races for innovation. Great read! But still, the editor of a TV show is in control of that. Wozniak, who also makes several interview appearances in the episode, said that Jobs was more of a visionary while Gates was able to build products that people needed in the short-term. Apple ‘was on a path to die,’ but Bill Gates credits Steve Jobs’ ability to make magic by ‘casting spells’, A ‘playful’ Bill Gates sips Diet Coke, talks Michael Jordan, tech, TV and more on Dax Shepard podcast, Review: Netflix documentary on Bill Gates reveals chaos, determination and love ‘Inside Bill’s Brain’, Bill Gates to talk computer science and coronavirus on ‘Code Break,’ Code.org’s interactive classroom, Microsoft unleashes ‘Death Star’ on SolarWinds hackers in extraordinary response to breach, Amazon: Trump corruption the only plausible explanation for Microsoft winning $10B cloud deal, Retired UW computer science professor embroiled in Twitter spat over AI ethics and ‘cancel culture’, MacKenzie Scott gives $4B to 384 organizations as she calls pandemic a ‘wrecking ball’ for Americans, Like what you're reading? Go with the Floww: A company matching startups, venture capitalists on merit, Employers: Lacking remote work options may cause you to lose employees. 194.9M . The idea that you – as a user, person, entity – can reclaim a little bit of omniscient authority is powerful. "American Genius" Jobs vs. Gates (TV Episode 2015) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. As the nation’s premier credit union, First Tech offers a strong and lasting financial partnership for the world’s most innovative companies and their employees. Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates Lyrics: EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY! As users continue to voice their complaints, it will be interesting to see how the situation ultimately resolves. The first episode is “Jobs vs. Gates,” the second “Wright Brothers vs. Curtiss,” and then it’s … Strong Bad was great at laying down the delete hammer and had zero cares in the world about doing it. Even we technologists can build things, but to have thinking like Steve Jobs is amazing. With Joseph Varca, Artie Brennan, Scott Bolger, Vaughn Bullard. “I also think that Internet of Things is all these things that are going to be helping us, they’re going to be making smart decisions on their own, knowing our schedules, knowing everything about the world, everything that’s on the Internet about us to help us out with our life from appliances at home to appliances in our car to the ones that we carry with us. It only leaves us asking who won the war between the two titans of modern computer technology? for the world’s most innovative companies and their employees. ... Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates / Apple vs… Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs. American Genius ~ Colt vs Wesson.ogv download. I even have a canned response that says this because I get so many asks. “If you lose your smartphone, can you call your mother? I don’t post anything too crazy, and I tend to over share in the office already. Twitter wants you to talk more with more people. Creative shop within a corporation … about 45 strong. It doesn’t appear that there was a groundswell of demand from users, but Audio Spaces at least is something different from the feature pile-on making the social media big dogs start to look the same, as in Twitter’s also-new Fleets, Instagram’s and Facebook’s Stories, Snapchat’s… Snapchat. (See also Instagram’s Reels, Snapchat’s Spotlight, TikTok’s… TikTok.). Audio-only chat seems like it could quickly devolve into a chaotic cacophony. As a result, many users have taken to blocking the advertisers involved with the Promoted Tweets. In personality, he wanted to be out front and be kind of a master of a company and make something in life and be important, and I really just wanted to design computers and be a great engineer.”. Tara Steele is the News Director at The American Genius, covering entrepreneur, real estate, technology news and everything in between. It’s a similar idea with LinkedIn – some people are happy to connect with anyone and everyone, while others prefer to keep their connections to those they personally know and/or have worked with. You may be a heavy user at first (looking at you Facebook) and then back off, only to use it for certain functions (Groups and Events for example). Subscribe to GeekWire's free newsletters to catch every headline, presented by First Tech Federal Credit Union, invests in members with great rates, individualized tools for financial wellness, and convenient banking solutions, . On the Internet of Things: “The feeling I get is that it’s a bubble and a bubble because when the Internet started I had the same feelings. I am friends and Facebook friends with both of them.”, “I’m fine. In Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell makes the point that the environment that you are born in to has an incredible influence on your future success. However, the majority of people do not want to be “Facebook friends” with their boss to draw a line between work and personal sharing. When you're launching a series called "American Genius," or more specifically the rivalries between select geniuses, these two guys qualify on every count. Since Facebook was made available to everyone, we have gone from a simple profile picture, relationship status (oof), and random updates about our breakfast/dentist appointments, to joining interest groups, sharing news articles, promoting brands and memes at a mind-boggling rate. When you're launching a series called "American Genius," or more specifically the rivalries between select geniuses, these two guys qualify on every count. Hence, the National Geographic Channel’s latest mini-series, American Genius, which premieres Monday, June 1. The Jobs vs. Gates rivalry goes back to the late 1960s and early 1970s when the modern computer was just getting its start. Isaacson, a former managing editor of TIME, is the author of Benjamin Franklin: An American Life, Einstein: His Life and Universe, Steve Jobs and Leonardo Da Vinci, from which parts of … Even as invite-only, the app has had some high-profile failures to moderate with threats toward a New York Times reporter and a problem anti-semitic conversation. Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates. In fact, they stated it was intentional, and further clarified that, “We regularly experiment and deploy changes to our advertising experience. Stressed about the future? Google has released a new core algorithm. Distribute the three readings—Wright and Curtiss, Jobs and Gates, and Edison and Tesla—and the Spotlight On Innovations worksheet to each pair or group. It’s all good, clean, nerdy fun. First wireless, now headphoneless headphones? It’s a little part of that dumbing us down where we don’t have to think anymore because it’s being done for us and that leaves us very dependent. Another deal Jobs had made was with Bill Gates by resolving a long-running and damaging lawsuit with Microsoft. Subscribe to our mailing list for news sent straight to your email inbox. So, should you be Facebook friends with your boss? Video chat can give users at least a few more clues about who is talking and who might be about to talk. I like to be an open book. It’s beta testers will surely have a lot to say about “magic” and “moderation.”. Required fields are marked *. Differences Between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates 1. Personally, their lives run quite parallel, with marriage happening within a few years of each other and even financial accomplishments relatively in step with each other. Your email address will not be published. Social media has also been a useful platform for small business owners and entrepreneurs to run a business page at minimal costs (free unless they run advertising), and reach out to customers. American Genius: Jobs vs. Gates airs on the National Geographic Channel on Monday, June 1, at 9/8:00 p.m. Central. Consisting of eight episodes, it was telecast on the National Geographic Channel from 1 June 2015 to 22 June 2015. You should know first that a promoted tweet is just an ad, and were originally set to appear only once per timeline. TV-PG. "Elon's more of a hands-on engineer. It is designed to cut in half and be double-sided. As this number grows, the consequences could widespread, and it will be interesting to see if Twitter changes their outlook and/or has potential pressure from advertisers. I like to think about the scene in Office Space where Michael Bolton (not the singer) mentions that he may have put a decimal in the wrong place; that is, there’s a configuration error at Twitter instead of some kind of sea change. All these things you can do with the Internet. Audio languages. Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs. Spaces conversations are not recorded, but they are transcribed for accessibility. I think that was the biggest difference between them. But we’ve already seen pandemic-fueled Zoom-happy-hour-fatigue, as users have gotten frustrated with too many people talking at the same time. My bosses are all fairly chill. Enjoy a preview below: First Tech Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit, member-owned financial institution serving over 600,000 members nationwide. Subtitles. Should you be Facebook friends with your boss? Digital companies are still coming to terms with the idea that their users maintain some ability to revolt against their new policies, trying to straddle the line between new features and improved tools while still keeping an existing audience happy. “I think Steve Jobs actually felt that Bill Gates should be giving up the current and really pushing the world toward the future of a mouse-based, point-and-click type of computer machinery and that Bill Gates was just in it more for the money. June 1, 2015. So, the myth gets built up in our heads, and we want to justify our own myths and feelings…. This story is addressing a question as it relates to an article in Inc. about whether or not is it’s ok for managers and employees to be “Facebook friends”, and some other tricky professional situations. There are some key differences between the way Musk and Jobs operate, Gates said. Or is LinkedIn enough? From the Nat Geo press release on the new series: In the 1980s, two of America’s most brilliant minds, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, battle to dominate a new age and, in the process, revolutionize billions of lives. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have a lot more in common than you may know… born within months of each other, taking similar college and career paths, despite their dollar worth being so different (for now), Gates and Jobs have a considerable amount in common. / BILL GATES! Twitter recently rolled out changes to how Promoted Tweets work. Like, actually form words. Directed by Paul Abascal. American Genius: Innovation How have innovations impacted our world? Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. June 1, 2015. (SOCIAL MEDIA) Twitter has enacted changes to how frequently Promoted Tweets – i.e., ads – are seen by users, and in true Twitter fashion, there’s mixed opinions.