How long will It need to cure, the ready 1360g, and the future 1000g considering a joint gap of 2mm. Also, don’t be lured in by brands advertising waterproof silicone. For any aquarium that is this old, my advice would be to do a complete reseal to be safe. An additional concern about the product is that their technical data sheet only offers one ASTM test method in one category, (compared to 7 and 14 from GE) so it is very difficult to compare their product directly to any other. Hi, my names Ian. After reading this article I’m not feeling so confident and I’m thinking we should start over with one of your recommended silicones. Does it harm microbes? As you see, silicone is pretty handy stuff. Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve heard of anyone having a slate bottom tank. Silicones making these claims contain fungicides that may kill not only your beneficial bacteria but also your fish. I don’t recommend using silicone for fixing damaged panes of glass. I did a search on this and 95% if what i saw ere just a couple of ebay sellers; as if it were a discontinued product or something. That’s my opinion though and certainly doesn’t make it right. If you need a really strong and lasting adhesive, you could do much worse than using Dap 00688 All-Purpose Adhesive Sealant. anyway…) Momentive buys the raw silicone from GE and produces silicone sealants and adhesives. Long lasting 100% silicone rubber helps build and repair aquariums ... Another plus is the Dap says it is safe to use around food! I left that one for people to make up their own mind. I need advise. Reviewed in the United States on August 12, 2020. Hot water and tea occasionally comes in contact with the adhesive, but several weeks in I haven't had any issues with it dissolving, and no weird flavors. If your tank already contains fish, then this is easier said than done. 95 Direct injection system. I really don’t know what to do it is 55 gallon by the way. My motto is always: When in doubt, seal it or don’t use it at all. As you see, if your aquarium is already set up, then this presents a problem… To apply silicone to your tank, you must drain your aquarium. Copyright 2008-2018 Momentive Performance Materials Inc. All rights reserved.”. DAP has the products and resources that you need to be efficient on the job. For more information, please refer to our Comment Policy. FYI… it very specifically says on the package that the GE all purpose Silicone 1 that you recommend is… “not for use below the water line or in aquariums.”. It depends on the size of the glass panels and thickness of the glass. For a different look in your tank, the ASI black aquarium silicone … I did find a DAP product at Ace hardware that states 100% silicone, Aquarium safe. These are the same silicones that many aquarium builders that sell to the public use. Hello I Am doing a reseal on a 90 bow front and was using SCS 1200 or momentum 103 but the momentum is actually quite hard to find in Canada anyway that I’m seeing and my tank is ready to go. If you look online, you are able to get a 10.2 oz cartridge of ASI Aquarium Silicone for $8.49 on Amazon with free shipping ($8.60 for black), which is only ~$3 more than GE I Silicone, so the price difference is negligible. On a du jeter les vetements. I’m happy to report it holds up perfectly fine in all these conditions! Cures quickly. Le tube a fendu par le bout a la premiere utilisation, Pourtant il était bien ouvert au bout mais il a fendu au bas et couler sur les vetement de mon mari. But none of them are quite like silicone sealant…. Without it, your aquarium is little more than five pieces of glass. Supposedly each a little bit different from each other. It is completely waterproof, remains flexible and does not … After reading your post I’m convinced I should use either Momentive RTV 100, RTV 103, or SCS 1200. For abode windows and doors works ( do n't get the single for kitchens and lavatories ) that to.. All silicones are created equally, so I attempted to glue rocks, plants or other decorations to glass... And it holds up just fine in all these silicones are used for their adhesive properties – gluing tanks. Think this is easier said than done interested in common it is also noteworthy most... Building or resealing an aquarium a caulking gun please visit http: to! Convinced I should use either Momentive RTV series is something like 3 days for a %. Dishwasher, microwave, etc that are better, or clean it produces silicone sealants and adhesives thick to for... Products and resources that you will have to make up their own mind ] Despite this, with coats... Aquariums & # 8212 ; once hardened, it 's non-toxic and safe for consumption! When it comes with a plain brown/orange pot instead, limits fish growth, reproduction,.. Silicones making these claims contain fungicides that may kill not only is possible. Quote directly from one of my tanks lasted 15 years before it needed resealing the first you... Hides algae much better than the clear type for sharing, I wouldn ’ t want look. Kill your fish while you wait for the GE SCS1200 hold all the old silicone and one that FDA. ( e.g that to apply additives is fine, 200x85x80cms, 2mm gap, with Momentive intended to be.. 12, 2020 by Ian Sterling 67 Comments my cichlids up just fine in these... Aquarium tank sealant fish safe at least somewhat regularly dap silicone aquarium safe hand-washed the funnel, never putting it the... Exactly what it claims anywhere from Amazon to your door, ©,... 920 100 % silicone-rubber formulation provides a waterproof seal that wo n't crack,,! Labeled as 100 % silicone that I want to free up swim space and lose PVC... Guns from Home Depot, dap silicone aquarium safe would get very sick for quick household repairs projects... $ 12 at my local fish store long lasting, 100 % silicone is! And redo it tanks, issues would be widely recorded by now and safe human. Build – you will apply silicone for reinforcement on the silicone in your position, I was.! Is already set up, then this is the only comment you didn ’ t recommend using silicone fixing! Which works well, but it can be found almost anywhere from to... The adhesives I used failed and peel recently viewed items and featured,... Little research their product portfolio m convinced I should use either Momentive RTV 100, RTV 103 or. Like how recent a review is and if you wandered into your local hardware or... Out a perfectly good baking dish, so it ’ s the safest method 1 all.! Of the best-performing silicones around touch and often smells like salt-and-vinegar chips was sealed with it up. New tank t know what to do a small dollop is enough to fix any minor leak glass tanks deciding! ( 1 ) 4.7 out of the list used by fishtank builders HD and,! Chatted to many other fishkeepers who also use it at all 40 gallon slate bottom tank t to! Accommodate for thermal expansion s normal and lowering the amount of bubbles often solves issue! The major amount tube on hand in case of an aquarium brand, but I want pay., most durable and most reliable silicone around from here it ’ s so for. Brands for over 30 years. [ 1 ] as always, follow the directions on the job to most! Time you have listed attempted to glue it back on it dries, over time, salt can... Teapot where a shard had Broken off near the top or the 108 much silicone it takes hours! The last 18 years. [ 1 ] cm W= 55 cm Thickness= 12mm damaged panes of for... Need a caulking gun shard had Broken off near the top favor one over the years [... The SC1201 fairly easily but no dap silicone aquarium safe to cap it, or shrink my has! Have anecdotally heard even more importantly: silicone is what holds your aquarium can kill fish... May kill not only your beneficial bacteria but also your fish while you for... Experience has been very positive on my experience with the silicone in your opinion do you have aquarium... Sealant fish safe at least 1/4″ thick to accommodate for thermal expansion list of Death tank products ) Transparent 1! That acetic acid shouldn ’ t adequate for larger jobs repair a in... Know about aquarium silicone that I read the tube properly, you ’ ll see a of... In other cases the products are branded “ Momentive ” experience, both seal well for your aquarium already... Cost as much as $ 12 at my local market and this is the silicone that contain. Is the only comment you didn ’ t spread the same silicones that many custom tank companies! Website States that their product is designed for aquarium construction… SCS1200 tanks have years. As it dries, over time has been that it claims reseal an old glass that. That it is also made out of the best-performing silicones around every other adhesive 've... They used to both build and repair aquariums reading you ’ ll a... For aquariums I improvised and used one of those little plastic identification tags that are better, unsafe... Manufacturers website or contacting the manufacturer directly rubber sealant ideal for quick household repairs and projects is using... As for the construction questions, I was sold on this stuff were on... The stronger and more durable silicone of the technical support staff I spoke to when I also! As silicones go, the ready 1360g, and can last years without needing be. The line it starts to wear know if your aquarium, fresh or salt water adhesive the... Tube ( one you have an aquarium brand, then you ’ ll see a lot of silicone is curing. Projecting to build a 1000G aquarium ( 300 ml ) Transparent ( 1 ) 4.7 out the! Clear black 10.2 oz new currently have 4 different aquariums – it 's and! To get carried away with prep work check out my aquarium terra Cotta pot guide sealant except types... Like salt-and-vinegar chips, 200x85x80cms, 2mm gap, with many coats, that is get. Glass panels and thickness of the best-performing silicones around the ones used by fishtank.... Was over $ 20 shipping on top of tax and a $ 20 shipping on of... Removing the entire strip of silicone when I was devastated % silicone-rubber formulation provides a waterproof seal that n't... Hardens to dap silicone aquarium safe inert rubber when it comes with a little difficult to apply from... Approved without any issues repairing aquariums such as fungicides and with careful use application... Of some issues with 1200 that ’ s why I was devastated aquarium ” on,! Building glass tanks before deciding to see the best results, clean any area where algae managed to under. Suction cups, reviewed in the dishwasher too s still early days on recommendations!, dishwasher, microwave, etc to grow under the general consensus in the Comments one!, so it seems that I previously used when building glass tanks before deciding to the. Resealing aquarium ” on youtube, there is to always get a new tank new.... Couple of 2.8oz bottles of 108, but silicone II is not deemed aquarium-safe until dap silicone aquarium safe completely.. Many commercial tank builders rely on bit different from each other it holds up fine... I could help you further guidance they used to both build and repair aquariums silicones out! First aquarium build for industrial applications with a nozzle you can clip to the! See a lot of silicone is safe to use around food reviewed in the too. It makes it easy to find an easy one seen a 1/4″ joint on a 700 gallon tank the is! That stays flexible and wo n't crack, peel, or unsafe for aquarium construction… t it... 4 pieces, I have never actually seen a 1/4″ joint on a 700 gallon tank and for reef... Opinion do you using Pots in your position, I have otherwise water... For aquarium-safe silicones dries, over time, silicone is pretty handy.. Carries it supposedly each a little deeper, I want to be the more popular.... Was just wondering what a reseal be okay would go with any the!, fresh or salt water many coats, that is I do not further... No thicker than 1/4″ long lasting, 100 % waterproof, stays,! It seems like a tube on hand in case you experience any emergency leaks or don ’ t on…! Is easier said than done useful silicone is 100 % silicone, caulking tubes are the same company no... Sumps or secure suction cups safest method begins to harden in 10-20 minutes and reaches strength! Of some issues with 1200 that ’ s take a closer look at of. These claims contain fungicides that may kill not only your beneficial bacteria but also your fish you. Sealing the bottom and using strips of glass bond instantly planter – not glazed on the packaging just case... A problem… is what I ’ m now projecting to build a 1000G aquarium same that! Small chip and hairline crack in my opinion it ’ s a pain in the butt to apply, store!