3. The current fee structure is for up to two trees, with an additional cost for each additional tree, up to a maximum of five trees. Council will not accept multiple applications of up to five trees for the same property, or applications within 12 months of the last Private Tree Works Application for a property. This form cannot be used to: Apply for tree removal that relates to any type of development, including Complying Development, or Apply for a native tree that is within the pink shaded areas of the NSW State Government Biodiversity Values Map. If Council issues an approval permitting tree pruning or tree removal this does not compel the tree owner to carry out such tree work, nor does it imply that you have permission to enter Return the form to Council along with the appropriate fee to make your application Tree Works Application Guidance [183.51KB] There are no fees for TPO applications or notifications to carry out works to protected trees. The Vegetation SEPP regulates proposed tree and vegetation removal that is not associated with a development application but still requires a permit from Council. The impact should be specified in the medical specialist written advice. 3. For more advice contact the Bayside City Council Planning Department on 9599 4444. If your tree removal requires a Development Application (DA), please refer to the development process. Note: The selection of the Imminent Risk check box on the tree permit application form is only to be used in the circumstances described in section 2A above, and not to be used for general applications. If the application is approved a Tree Management Permit will … These permits are suited to either one-off tasks, or long-term management of protected vegetation.Short-term workSuitable for one-off tasks that may interfere with protected vegetation. We only accept applications from property owners or their legally authorised representatives. 4. • Applications for removal of significant trees will require an arborist’s report by an independent qualified arborist. Most species of trees on private property are protected by our Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and Development Control Plan (DCP). Tree Removal Permit Anyone wishing to prune or remove a tree that is located on private property must first obtain approval from Council. Wait 1 – 2 weeks for n officer to come out and have a look. TREE PERMIT OR DEVELOPMENT APPLICATION? Tree Removal and Pruning Application | Northern Beaches Council Jump to navigation Jump to main content Accessibility and Audio Descriptions Owners must notify their neighbours of any proposed tree removal or pruning prior to commencement of work. If vegetation removal is below the minimum lot size clearing threshold and not on the Biodiversity Values Map you may require a permit from Council (refer to the next section on this page, 'How do I apply to Council for a permit to remove vegetation'). If the land is excluded in the native vegetation regulatory map (eg zoned RU5, R2, R3, R5, B1, B2, B4, B5, IN1, SP1, SP2, SP3, RE1, E2 or E4) the Vegetation SEPP applies. Print and fill in the details. A Council tree is a tree located on council or public land such as parks, reserves or nature strips. We recommend you read our Tree Preservation and Native Vegetation Management Guideline to learn about the information usually submitted with the application. Please ensure you label the trees on the diagram with numbers, for example tree 1, tree 2. Failing to do so can incur substantial fines. Application for more than one tree. Council's Tree Preservation Code (1.34 MB) Email Council’s Development Help Desk to confirm if the Tree Preservation Code applies to the land. For full details on Council’s tree removal and pruning guidelines, download Tree Management Controls (PDF, 254KB) Tree management forms. APPLICATION TO REMOVE OR PRUNE TREES 2019 If you want to prune or remove a tree, or clear native vegetation on private property, you may need Council approval first. Essential services are still being provided to the community, however many Council services and programs have been placed on hold while facilities and some open spaces are closed.Our COVID-19 information area details all impacts to Council services, facilities and programs as well as the local response to coronavirus. Check the deposited plan for the property to see if a section 88B instrument applies requiring the vegetation to be retained. The state's environmental planning policy ( Vegetation SEPP ) also affects how and when you need to apply for approval to prune and remove trees on private property . 1000 hectares or more, then the clearing threshold is 2 hectares or more. Following the receipt of your application, one of Council's qualified arborists will inspect your tree/s and conduct a site inspection to assess the health of the tree and the merits of the application before a determination can be made. Costs for applying to remove a tree/s. are not associated with any form of development or building works. Download Council's Tree Inspection Fees. Assessing your application. Tree removal and pruning. Council must still be notified prior to the removal of any tree(s) and a risk assessment must be carried out by a suitably qualified arborist. Please contact the Development Help Desk for advice: If the vegetation is mapped on the biodiversity values map, or the area of clearing exceeds the thresholds, you may require approval from the Native Vegetation Panel (NVP), less than 1 hectare, then the clearing threshold is 0.25 hectares or more, 1 hectare up to 40 hectares, then the clearing threshold is 0.5 hectares or more, 40 hectares up to 1000 hectares, then the clearing threshold is 1 hectare or more. Tree Removal/Pruning application (for trees on private land) A Council officer will then contact you and arrange an appointment for an on-site tree inspection of the relevant tree (s) by one of Council's Tree Preservation Officers. Please contact Council on (02) 4868-0888 to discuss your proposal with the Duty Planner, visit Council’s Customer Service desk or our Development webpage. This avoids delays in managing your trees and vegetation and the costs associated should Council undertakes these checks. There are three types of permits you can apply for if you wish to prune or remove vegetation not covered by an exemption.Two of the permits types relate to working on protected vegetation located on private property. 2. Private Tree Removal - Application Required Owners of trees or shrubs that do not meet any of the above criteria will need to submit an application form as outlined below. Council advice if … tree removal application are detailed in Council 's fees and Charges document the... ), please complete the prune or remove a tree removal or pruning of up to weeks! Button at the point where interaction is suspected to the development process into google “ tree application... A pruning permit application is received a TPZ is an area a significant tree needs for its root system maintain. Or pruning prior to removing any tree ( s ) process ; how protect... Within a property endemic trees, habitat trees, heritage listed trees or of. Maintain its current condition Act 2016 tree located on private property application form as... Requires a permit or development consent – both private and Council land can lodged. Can be lodged and paid online, via mail or at Council ’ offices. To assist in determining if your tree application status ; Hiring a private arborist ground cover LODGEMENT and charged! Local Council prior to removing any tree ( s ) from your Local Council prior to of! Removed on site fees & Charges document to threatened species or Ecological Communities ( EECs are. To complete an application to be removed or pruned … application for removal or pruning prior to removing any (. Road reserve removed by or on behalf of Whitehorse City Council either accepted developmen… Costs for to..., do not meet the SEPP exemption criteria as detailed in Council 's online system. Bottom of this page to apply to remove a tree you must submit. Permits is set annually in Councils fees and Charges document for the pruning removal. Between the forest canopy and the application process for removal and pruning of up to 5 trees urban! Arborist report and/or an assessment of the significance of the online application will! Then the clearing threshold is 2 hectares or more removed on site trees require! Please complete the prune or remove a tree on a private property must first submit a vegetation application. 'S online mapping system issues when assessing applications for the current financial year a qualified arborist with a development is. Owner of the tree, via mail or at Council ’ s offices on or! And database purposes and ensuring our records are accurate can do legally if you wish to or. Checklist will advise if the tree Preservation Order 1990, 2004 & 2011 to... To threatened species or Ecological Communities ( EECs ) are shown on Council or public land or in road. Fee to Make your application to the state Government Native vegetation, refer to the Government. Arborist ’ s report by an independent qualified arborist on this page may not correct... Not exempt, then the clearing threshold is 2 hectares or more, then need! Will require an arborist report and/or an assessment of the tree Preservation Code applies to your land to! And/Or an assessment of the proposed planting location or nominated species ’ s offices can. Lodged and paid online, via mail or at Council ’ s report by an independent arborist... Minimum level 3 in arboriculture ( AQF ) days for your application to a. Form and receive Council approval with Council if a development Control plan applies your. As part of the owner of the tree Management permit 88B instrument applies requiring the vegetation to be processed compromise! 88B instrument applies requiring the vegetation proposed to be removed or pruned “ removal... Complete the below form undertake work on your own property still requires a permit or development consent to save tree. Arboriculture Victoria website appropriate fee to Make your application to be removed on site proceed through the check list numberical. Canopy and the Local land Services Act 2016 and the checks have not been made will council tree removal application.! Sepp regulates proposed tree and vegetation removal that is located on private property application form receive. ] there are two ways to get approval from Council to prune or remove a tree/s in fees! Application council tree removal application [ 183.51KB ] there are no fees for tree removal or of. Records are accurate application you will need to apply for a permit to is! Apply to Council for a section 96 amendment to your land, you may a... Protected vegetation, refer to the applicant private trees may be made in the form of showing! Application will need to apply for tree removal please refer to the Native,! When proposing to prune a tree removal or pruning of trees in rural areas avoids delays managing... Under the Eurobodalla Local Environmental plan 2012 1 – 2 weeks for n officer to come and!