As the name says these are aimed at building a general level of fitness. During my research in the last couple of years, I came across 3 types of circuit training that are really effective for fat loss. What it is: This is the traditional boot camp-style workout program, such as the P90x and Insanity programs. According to him MRT is: Circuits are ideal as an addition to an existing fitness program. What Types of Circuit Training Are There? This article focuses on another form of circuit training: aerobic + strength. Circuit Training: The Overlooked Method Of Training. Circuit Circuit training is either an organizational approach or a type of interval work for a more “vegetative” response that athletes who are pushing their bodies need. Circuit training is an often overlooked method for achieving one's fitness and body composition goals. These are: MRT; HIIT; Workout Finishers; 1. Circuits provide the following: This type of strength endurance is important in many prolonged sports with intermittent bouts of activity, such as soccer and field hockey. Total Body Circuit Training. This type of circuit alternates 1-2 sets of resistance exercise (body weight, free weights, dumbbells, kettle bells, bands, etc. 1. The circuit training exercises below are useful for designing a classic circuit training routine i.e. 1. Circuit training workouts are based around a set number of "stations" that you repeat until your time runs out. Here are some general guidelines. ), with brief bouts of cardiovascular exercise (jogging in place, stationary cycling, rowing, etc.) Royal Marine Commandos have several types of Circuit training method that they use to get combat fit and maintain combat conditionings: General Circuit Training These contain multiples of 3 stations and must contain a minimum of 3. Who it’s good for: This method of training is amazing for people who are new to weight training. Hardcore bodybuilders would rather die than be forced to endure a circuit type workout and with good reason. The primary physiological benefits are the psychomotor changes and opiate-like response of general exercises. the one that develops short-term muscular endurance. Circuit training is when you alternate between several exercises (usually five to 10) that target different muscle groups, according to Pete McCall, a certified personal trainer and spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise, and creator of the All About Fitness podcast. (The shorter the circuit training workout, the harder you should be pushing.) The 3 Types Of Fat Loss Circuit Training. Firstly, circuit training is not the best tool for their goals and or needs. “It often starts with running, followed by a wide variety of interval training, including bodyweight moves like push-ups and sit-ups, and various types of intense explosive exercises.” 5. Circuit training is an excellent option to help you lose weight along with a healthy diet. MRT (Metabolic Resistance Training) The best definition for MRT that I have found comes from Eric Cressey. So knowing how much time you have can help you determine how many circuits you'll need to complete and how hard you'll need to work. With this method, you will use lighter weights in a variety of motions to work out your entire body.