On 15 March 2008 another international demonstration was held to mark the 5-year anniversary of the invasion of Iraq; although numbers did not match the original demonstrations, around 40,000 people were on the march in London. [48] According to Amr Salahi, writing for the Left Foot Forward website, no Syrian was among the speakers at the event, but the former Guardian foreign correspondent Jonathan Steele said that he would have happily shared the platform with Mother Agnes. Sydney Stop the War Coalition. Your help is vital for us to continue our work. expose, and fight against the endless By becoming a Stop the War member today, you’ll be part of a mass anti-war movement. Governmental » Politics. Group for Stop the War Coalition's website team. Britain. The Coalition held a series of protests during November 2003 climaxing in a march on the 20th protesting against what it claimed is the aggressive foreign policy of U.S. President George W. Bush, and against the continued U.S. detention of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, which protesters have claimed is an illegal infringement of human rights and the Geneva conventions. There is no mention of Russia at all. While the turnout for this march did not match the demonstration of 15 February – Stop the War claimed up to 500,000, whilst fellow organisers CND claimed between 200,000–300,000 – it was noted that this was the largest anti-war demonstration held during wartime and had been organised with but a week's notice.[19]. Page Transparency See More. Definition. However, Cohen himself was accused by Greg Muttitt of being extremely selective in his embrace of 'secular trade unions' in Iraq; in his newspaper columns, he never mentioned the most important trade union in the country, the oil workers' union, which called for the withdrawal of foreign troops. The Coalition worked closely with the Muslim Association of Britain in organising its demonstrations. [32] On 2 April 2009, 200 people protested outside the ExCeL Centre where the G-20 Summit was being held. It was taken down as soon as I saw it was up there. At a meeting in response to the Middle East crisis on Wednesday 10 April 2002 several organisations agreed to the statement: “We affirm the right of all people to live in peace and dignity. Nick Cohen in 2003 criticised the relationship of the StWC with organisations he considers reactionary such as the Muslim Association of Britain. This page represents the anti-war movement across Cheshire West, covering Chester, Warrington, Runco... See More. Twitter: Website (Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images) Speakers Read The Names Of The War Dead During A Rally In Trafalgar Square : Nachrichtenfoto. For the song, see, Relations with the Labour Party in late 2015, Corbyn and the StWC Christmas 2015 dinner, Coverage of Syrian and Israeli topics (2016–17), Learn how and when to remove this template message, Communist Party of Great Britain (Provisional Central Committee), pulling down of a statue of Saddam Hussein, Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005, 15 March 2008 another international demonstration, Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist), candidate for the Labour Party leadership, "Nick Ferrari Vs Stop The War Over Russia's Syrian Bombs", "Galloway can no longer count on the indulgence of polite society", "Protesters use internet as weapon to stop a war", "The Left's unholy alliance with religious bigotry", "Galloway condemns government ban on park peace protest", "City and county witness anti-war protests", "Thousands at anti-war rallies,BBC,23 March 2003", "Pictures from outside US Embassy – 19th March Troops Out Demo", "Debate with the Restart the War Coalition", "Vigil sees Londoners standing together against war and racism", "Reports and video of Manchester Time to Go demonstration, 23 September 2006|30Sep06|Socialist Worker", "Demonstrators at ExCeL centre for G20 summit", "Stop the War leaders are trying to stifle debate by illegally expelling those who criticise them", "Stopping the war machine: anti-war work in Britain", "As the Libyan resistance fights on, 'Stop the War' misleaders are already dancing on Gaddafi's grave", "Syria crisis: Anti-war protesters claim public opinion victory", "Syria protest: Stop the War demonstrators descend on London in march ahead of MPs' air strike vote", "Syria: the first step to ending the war is stopping western intervention", "The rush to judgment on Syria is a catastrophic and deadly error", "Syria vote: a corner has been turned on the road to peace", "Message from Jeremy Corbyn MP, Chair of Stop the War", "Mother Agnes has pulled out of the Stop the War conference. Following the November 2015 Paris attacks, STWC published an article on their website titled "Paris reaps whirlwind of western support for extremist violence in Middle East". List Search. [2] The march was begun by police earlier than planned because of the number of people who had arrived at the two starting points. Ukraine, Iraq, Africa and elsewhere. [21][22], Commentators such as Cohen[23] and John Rentoul[24] have accused Stop the War of being pro-Hussein. Bitte scrollen Sie nach unten und klicken Sie, um jeden von ihnen zu sehen. Tatchell says: It's very difficult to justify how any Left Wing person can support StWC while it maintains its current double standards. [citation needed] Estimates of the number of marchers vary from 45,000 by the police to over 100,000 by StWC to 200,000 by some observers. John Rees has written: "Socialists should unconditionally stand with the oppressed against the oppressor, even if the people who run the oppressed country are undemocratic and persecute minorities, like Saddam Hussein. "[35] John Rees stated on the overthrow of Gaddafi "nobody is going to shed a tear for the fall of this brutal dictator. [2], The impetus to form the Stop the War Coalition came following the 11 September 2001 attacks in the United States. [6] The Conservative MP Julian Lewis, in a letter to The Daily Telegraph in 2003, referring to Andrew Murray's involvement in the Communist Party of Britain, wrote that he "had thought" his "days of unearthing totalitarians at the heart of 'peace movements'" had ended when the Soviet Union collapsed, but Murray was now in a "key position, being quoted by the anti-war media as if he were a representative of democratic politics". Pilger methodically repeats a series of Kremlin war propaganda* memes: That the 2014 Revolution of Dignity was a fascist coup (see the response to this pap by Ukrainian socialists and anarchists I link to in my blog post on Corbyn’s Ukraine fantasies); That … The 2007 demo took place on 24 February 2007 in London, jointly organised with the CND. Nor is there any direct criticism of Assad's regime. [54], Stop the War lobbied MPs against supporting the proposal, along with members of Momentum. Reynolds referred to the "abhorrent views" of Stop the War's leadership and described the group's positions as being "anti-West rather than anti-war", while Flint said they "are not Labour's friends". Welcome to the Newcastle Stop the War Coalition Website Today, the Stop the War Coalition has to continually expose, and fight against the endless false flags and false justifications given by the big powers for their increasing indirect and direct military interventions in … Term. "[36], Stop the War has also campaigned against British involvement in the Syrian Civil War, which began in March 2011, organising protests ahead of votes in the British Parliament in August 2013 and December 2015. STWC: Stop The War Coalition. Various Artists - Stop The War Coalition: Benefit Concert Next Stop Is Vietnam - The War On Record, 1961-2008 Sorge dich nicht - lebe! [53] StWC issued an apology. Für alle Bedeutungen von STWC klicken Sie bitte auf "Mehr". Cheshire Stop The War Coalition. At this time, it was alleged that the SWP dominated the organisation, although German, Rees and Nineham left the SWP in 2009. [42], Stop the War has been accused of having pro-Assad links. Both groups were accused of intimidation. That is our goal and what we mean by dealing with the It says: "This attack must be condemned along with all the other atrocities of the war.". [7][8], In this early period, Stop the War had a broad base. REVEALED: The UK military’s overseas base network involves 145 sites in 42 countries by Phil Miller Britain’s armed forces have a far more extensive base network than ever presented by the Ministry of Defence. Rating. and/ or donate to the Stop the War. [74], "Stop the War" redirects here. Was haben die sogenannte Identitäre Bewegung, der FC St. Pauli, die Klimaschutzbewegung »Extinction Rebellion« und die britische Antikriegsorganisation »Stop the War Coalition« gemeinsam? It supports justice for Palestine. For starters, here is a 7-point rebuttal of Cameron's case for war on Syria: Reasons not to bomb Syria. Options. Join Stop the War. which included CND and the Muslim Association of Britain as well as Stop the War, thought between 80,000 and 100,000 people had participated. ABOUT CHESHIRE STOP THE WAR COALITION. It has been claimed that the demonstration against the latter on 15 February 2003, organised by the Coalition along with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) and the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), was the largest public demonstration in British history. In his January 2017 interview "Here's what Jeremy Corbyn could do, to win in 2020", Tatchell speaks positively of Corbyn, who he has known for more than three decades, but calls on Corbyn to distance himself from StWC. [27] The StWC also supported vigils across the country. [66] Tariq Ali, in an article for The Independent, thought the recent attacks on Stop the War were motivated by the "nasty and unpleasant war being waged in England, targeting Jeremy Corbyn" and wondered if the distancing of leading Green activists from Stop the War was because Corbyn "is attracting the electoral support of large numbers of hitherto Green supporters".[67]. The CPGB-ML claimed that the Stop the War Coalition was taking a pro-imperialist line, that the Benghazi rebels were CIA/MI6 backed and that this pro-imperialist line was influenced by the "various Trotskyite, revisionist and left-Labour luminaries in the leadership. [65] In his speech at the event, at a Turkish restaurant in Southwark, south London, Corbyn said the "anti-war movement has been a vital force at the heart of our democracy" and "I think we've been right on what we've done". A papier-mâché statue of Bush was toppled in an action reminiscent of the much televised pulling down of a statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad by American soldiers. The protest coincided with protests in Washington, D.C. and occurred just before the Labour Party Conference began in Brighton. Auch wenn dieser Stop the war durchaus im überdurschnittlichen Preisbereich liegt, spiegelt der Preis sich in jeder Hinsicht im Bezug auf Ausdauer und Qualität wider. The coalition estimated that 300,000 people were present at the demonstration, while the police put those attending at 100,000 people.[20]. You can become a member of Stop the War for as little as £2 a month. Concerning Syria, Motion 4 is the main motion, although it is primarily about Western military activity in Mosul, Iraq. Apply To Join. [56], Following Hilary Benn's speech advocating air strikes in Syria in the House of Commons on 2 December, which drew on the history of anti-fascism, an article appeared on the StWC website. "There still exists the danger of renewed conflict as the interests of the military, arms dealers, and others remains ever present and very powerful", he wrote. Früher leitete Corbyn einmal die „Stop the War Coalition“ – aber was ist seine antiimperialistische Bilanz als Labour-Führer? Looking for the shorthand of Stop The War Coalition? Ann Treneman wrote in The Times in January 2003 that the "two most obvious strands" of StWC support consisted of "the Establishment and the grassroots. Join » Make a Donation. "Its aim is simple-to draw together everyone who wants to stop this madness, and to present the anti-war arguments which are squeezed out of the media. Sie sind auf der linken Seite unten aufgeführt. On 10 December 2005 the StWC held an International Peace Conference attended by around 1,500 people. But Jeremy, apparently, has a problem, "Ex-kibbutznik who is Corbyn's left-hand man", "Caroline and the Stop the War Coalition", "Green MP Caroline Lucas steps down from Stop the War Coalition role", "In the shadows for 35 years, the activist now gaining momentum", "Were MPs bullied by anti-war protesters before they voted on bombing Syria? It will take place at Downing Street tomorrow (4 Jan) between 2 and 3 pm, and will demand that the British government does not join in any military action alongside Trump and the US. And yet she would have fitted in so well", "Critics question Catholic nun's 'alternative story' on Syria civil war", "Statement: Mother Agnes and the International Anti-war Conference on 30 November 2013", "The British 'anti-war' movement's hypocrisy over Syria", "Stop the War conference: a one-eyed version of events in Syria", "Why Stop the War supports Jeremy Corbyn's campaign to be Labour Party leader", "Corbyn Quits Anti-War Group After Queen Poem", "Jeremy Corbyn: Why I'm standing down as Chair of Stop the War Coalition", "Jeremy Corbyn faces prospect of resignations after Stop the War says Paris 'reaped whirlwind of Western extremism, "Stop the War chair Andrew Murray: 'Everyone sees friends at Christmas. At this conference a call was launched for an international demonstration on 18 March 2006. Lascaris gave a 15-minute presentation about his values and goals, and was able to take many questions from interested participants. [28], On 23 September 2006, a demonstration was held outside the venue for the Labour Party Conference in Manchester. Donate » Join a Local Group. Stop the War Coalition (StWC) is an Australian anti-war group initially formed in Sydney in 2003 in response to the US-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the general "War on Terror" of which the Australian Government has been a strong ally. The Coalition has campaigned against the wars that are part of the "War on Terror" of the United States and its allies. The Stop the War Coalition is calling a protest against the threat of war with Iran. Action Network is an open platform that empowers individuals and groups to organize for progressive causes. Filter by: Sort by:Popularity Alphabetically Category. [10], At their initial meeting the Coalition also adopted the slogan "Against the racist backlash", asserting that a war against Afghanistan would be perceived as an attack on Islam and that Muslims, or those perceived as being Muslim, would apparently face racist attacks in the United Kingdom if the government joined the war. office@northeaststopwar.org.uk. [11] Cohen also asserted that there is a contradiction between the StWC's call for respect for human rights and its allegedly close links with organisations that openly call for the death penalty for homosexuality and apostasy. The protest was the first occasion on which a march had passed the US embassy in London since the protests over the Vietnam War. "The possibility is now open for Britain playing a different role in the world, breaking with the policies and preoccupations of imperialism", but "that change is nothing like secured yet. If there is to be hope for the Syrian people, the first step is for all foreign interference to cease. The date was chosen as the it was the international day of anti-war demonstrations, as called by the Assembly of the Social Movements at the 2004 European Social Forum. By this time, the article had already been removed from the Stop the War website. [3] By the time of the February 2003 march in London, Greenpeace, the Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and the Scottish National Party (SNP) were among the 450 organisations which had affiliated to the coalition,[9] and the coalition's website listed 321 peace groups. [9][15] StWC had forecast at the end of January that about 500,000 protesters would be on the march. Community See All. "Its aim is simple-to draw together ev… The Coalition was launched at a public meeting of 2,000 people at Friends House on Euston Road in London,[3] on 21 September which was chaired by Lindsey German, then active in the Socialist Workers Party. [43][44] StWC vice-president Kamal Majid said in a speech at a conference organised by the New Communist Party in 2012 that the Assad family has "a long history of resisting imperialism", and should be supported "because their defeat will pave the way for a pro-Western and pro-US regime". This makes for some very strange bedfellows, who include retired generals, old peaceniks, former ambassadors, anti-globalisation protesters, Labour activists, trade unions, [and] the Muslim community". [49], From 2011, Jeremy Corbyn was the chair of the Stop the War Coalition. The involvement of George Galloway among the leading figures was criticised by Nick Cohen in The Observer because of his alleged "support for every anti-American tyrant on the planet". The piece was criticised by Labour MPs, including Hilary Benn, then shadow foreign secretary, who said it was "wholly wrong". The Stop The War Coalition website has published a number of posts about Ukraine. Der Anstoß zur Bildung der Stop the War Coalition im Anschluss an die kam 11.September 2001 in den Vereinigten Staaten. Read more » Subscribe. Join a local Stop the War group where you live, work or study. Our Actions. [16], As the military build-up continued, StWC urged its local groups and supporters to organise actions on the day the invasion of Iraq began. "[41] The then chair of Stop the War, Jeremy Corbyn, thanked supporters for lobbying their MPs. No wonder the movement is increasingly discredited. About the rally in Trafalgar Square, Tony Benn noted in his diary that he "spoke for four minutes and ten seconds. [37][38], Samir Dathi wrote for the Stop the War website in June 2013: "Whilst many of us want nothing more than to see the ruthless dictator Assad go, we cannot support the further militarisation of the conflict, which will only perpetuate the horrific violence and refugee crisis in the region. Various Artists - Stop The War Coalition: Benefit Concert Next Stop Is Vietnam - The War On Record, 1961-2008 Sorge dich nicht - lebe! When we have justice around the world we will have peace as well". [63], Corbyn's continued involvement in the group became a source of friction with other leading members of the Labour Party. In particular, to answer those who say that, after Paris, "something must be done",… Two minutes was the limit, but I got away with it: they liked the phrase 'Parliament belongs to the past; the streets belong to the future'. The StWC organised the British demonstration on 24 September 2005 using the slogans "Stop the Bombings", "Bring the Troops Home", "Defend Civil Liberties" and "Defend the Muslim Community". Speakers at the rally in Hyde Park included Tony Benn, Jesse Jackson, Charles Kennedy, Ken Livingstone, Mo Mowlam and Harold Pinter. [61], Corbyn attended the Stop the War event on 11 December in order to keep a promise to formally hand over his position as chair to Andrew Murray. "[54] Jon Lansman, of the Corbynite Momentum pressure group, commented later about the material concerning the Paris attacks: "I think even Stop the War themselves have accepted they were stupid for publishing those articles. The supporters were calling for the invading troops to move out of Iraq, for the US to not attack Iran and Syria, for the British government to halt reductions in the civil liberties of British citizens including the right to protest and a free trial (which they allege would result from the recent Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 and Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005), and for a reduction in racism in the UK. "[4] Among the sponsors of the Coalition were the former Labour MP Tony Benn, and the Labour MPs George Galloway, Tam Dalyell and Jeremy Corbyn, in addition to Tariq Ali, Harold Pinter, Suresh Grover and Andrew Murray. Become a member for as little as £2 per month. The Stop the War Coalition (StWC), informally known simply as Stop the War, is a British group established on 21 September 2001, shortly after the September 11 attacks, to campaign against what it believes are unjust wars. increasing indirect and direct military interventions in Syria, The legislation allows authorisation by a wide range of state organisations for undercover agents to commit crimes as part of their work. Though the pieces were subsequently taken down she felt unable to associate herself with them. The Stop the War Coalition expresses alarm that the Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill has passed its third reading in the House of Commons. [33], The Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) was initially a member of the Stop the War Coalition. Today, the Stop the War Get involved and join in its vital work! Your support today will help us oppose the UK government's war policies. It is claimed to have been the largest ever such event in the UK with estimates of attendance ranging between 750,000 and 2,000,000 people. The group has campaigned against the wars that are part of the "War on Terror" of the United States and its allies.It has campaigned against the war in Afghanistan and the Iraq War. … The former Labour shadow cabinet minister for Education, Tristram Hunt, described the group as a "really disreputable organisation" on 6 December when Corbyn's intention to attend the group's fundraising Christmas dinner on 11 December was becoming an issue. I condemn people who send abusive texts or messages" having received them herself. The vigil, organized by Stop the War Coalition is to coincide with similar events throughout the world on the day of the United States presidential election. [43] According to the journalist Andrew Gilligan in The Daily Telegraph, many individuals associated with Stop the War openly favour the Assad government. The editor of the website resigned. [72], In the StWC April 2017 conference resolutions neither Assad nor Russia are named. Campaigns Obama administration. Representatives of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Provisional Central Committee) and the Alliance for Workers' Liberty[5] failed to get elected, although both became members of the Coalition and participated in its activities. The most egregious by far are by John Pilger. "[61] In a letter to The Guardian, Tatchell and other "previous strong supporters" accused StWC of having "lost its moral compass and authority". In explaining why she left StWC, Caroline Lucas gave these statements as one reason. "[31], A march from the American embassy in Grosvenor Square to Trafalgar Square on 1 April 2009 brought together protesters from the Stop the War Coalition, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, The British Muslim Initiative, and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. However, it and other individuals were expelled from the project on 23 September 2011 after it explicitly supported Muammar Gaddafi's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya in the Libyan Civil War against the NATO-backed rebels in Benghazi. "[25] StWC has been criticised by journalists such as Cohen for its refusal to condemn attacks on US and other foreign troops occupying Iraq, and refusal to condemn foreign insurgent fighters who have entered parts of the country.[23][26]. lt opposes the 'war on terror' & Islamophobia. The Stop the War Coalition (StWC; informally Stop the War) is a British group established on 21 September 2001, shortly after the September 11 attacks, to campaign against what it believes are unjust wars.. STWC formed in 2003 to campaign against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. 981 likes. [62], John Rees wrote on 10 December 2015 that Stop the War does not support the Assad regime. Produced by the Newcastle Stop the War Coalition:   Email - [64] Former shadow ministers Emma Reynolds and Caroline Flint also urged him to distance himself from the group. Neben Stop the War Coalition hat STWC andere Bedeutungen. She was also concerned that some Syrian voices were not given an opportunity to speak at a recent meeting organised by the StWC in Parliament. "[57] A few days later, Andrew Murray commented that he thought the piece was "wholly absurd. "The Stop the War Coalition has been formed to encourage and mobilise the largest possible movement against the war", said the founding statement. On 19 March 2005, StWC organised a large demonstration in Westminster with supporters marching from Hyde Park to Parliament Square via the US embassy. Human rights advocate Peter Tatchell describe StWC as in 'moral meltdown' in his newspaper article titled "The Stop the War Coalition is more interested in fighting the West than fighting for Syrians". [17][18], Following the beginning of the war and the events of Day X, the Coalition organised another national demonstration on the next Saturday, 22 March. 230 people follow this. [57][60] These concerns were shared by the human rights activist Peter Tatchell who told The Independent that Stop the War's "opposition to US imperialism ... sometimes mean[s] they will ignore the horrendous crimes of despotic anti-American regimes like Russia and Iran. [58] Lindsey German wrote that she was "against bullying and intimidation. Following a demonstration in Walthamstow outside the constituency office of Labour MP Stella Creasy just before the December 2015 vote, which gained publicity at the time, German defended the rights of protesters. When he stood as a candidate for the Labour Party leadership, the organisation's national convenor, Lindsey German, advocated that he should be supported. Norwich Stop the War Coalition is part of the national Stop the War Coalition. "[39] On the morning of the House of Commons vote on 29 August 2013 against military intervention in Syria, the conservative commentator Peter Oborne wrote in an article for The Daily Telegraph newspaper that Stop the War "has consistently shown far more mature judgment on these great issues of war and peace than Downing Street, the White House or the CIA. The Stop the War Coalition not After criticism of the US president, the statement follows with: All those who oppose the carnage in Syria and are concerned about the sharpening tensions around the world must raise their voices against more military intervention and demand an end to the fighting. In a breathtaking display of double standards, they supported aid convoys to refugees in Calais but not to those in Aleppo. for peace "The Stop the War Coalition has been formed to encourage and mobilise the largest possible movement against the war", said the founding statement. Lascaris, a journalist, lawyer, and activist, is currently running for the leadership of Canada's Green Party. He accused the coalition of ignoring the requests of secular trade unions and Kurds in Iraq. 223 people like this. [4], German became Convenor of the Coalition and a meeting on 28 October settled the Coalition's official aims. The impetus to form the Stop the War Coalition came following the 11 September 2001 attacks in the United States. against the invasion of Afghanistan, October 2001, You can join [34] The leadership of the Stop the War Coalition had claimed that the Benghazi rebellion, as part of the Arab Spring was a "popular rising" and Gaddafi the head of a "brutal dictatorship." [50] A week after his election as Labour leader in September 2015, it became known that he was stepping down as Chair of Stop the War, but would continue to support the group.[51][52]. Speakers included politician George Galloway, then SNP leader Alex Salmond and Vietnam War veteran Ron Kovic.